Ольга Прокудина
Independent Distributor
Healthy Gut!
Immune Support.
Includes everything for your gut.
«Healthy Gut» – Coral Club’s first targeted program
for an integrated and gradual improvement of the bowel and other digestive organs,
that have an important relationship with the Immune System
and with health in general
Systematic approach
Integrated effect
Easy to use
Normal functioning of the gut–
is the basis of health:
total weight of
beneficial and harmful bacteria in the intestine
of an average person.
It is important that this microbiome
is in harmony!
of all immunocompetent
cells of the body
are in the intestinal mucosa.
We may get sick more often
if problems with the bowel occur!
The intestinal nervous
system consists of
100,000,000 nerve cells.
This is the “second brain”,
which largely determines
our emotions and intellect!
Unfortunately, life consists of many negative factors that can lead to disturbances of the bowel:
Water shortage
Less than 1.5 liters per day
of peristalsis,
accumulation of toxins
Refined food, not enough fiber
of intestinal microbiome
Digestive Disorders
Taking medicine
Antibiotics and other drugs
Decrease in
intestinal microflora
Possible intestinal
Lack of mobility
Low muscle tone
of abdominals
Poor peristalsis,
constipation, intoxication
of the body
As a result, the vast majority of people today
have intestinal problems,
which adversely affect
their quality of life.
Healthy Gut
is the best solution for
the most urgent problem of our time!
in one package
work in synergy helping
to improve the functioning of the gut and strengthening the immune system
Healthy Gut
consists of 3 phases - 10 days each:
Phase 1
Gentle cleansing
of the gut
The processes of detoxification.
Toxins, parasites (helminths) are released from the body.
Gallbladder and kidney functioning may improve.
Phase 1 products include: Super-Flora, Zaferan,
Black Walnut Leaves, Papaya, Coral Alfalfa, Coral-Mine, Coral Lecithin,,
Coral Burdock Root, Cascara Sagrada, Coral Carnitine
Phase 2
of bowel function
Gradual restoration of healthy microflora,
improved digestion
and nutrient intake.
Phase 2 products include:
Super-Flora, Zaferan, Coral Lecithin, Assimilator,
Coral-Mine, Coral Artichoke, Coral Magnesium, AquaOx
Phase 3
Normalization of digestive function,
restoration of intestinal microflora.
The vitamin-mineral balance is improved, metabolic processes are normalized.
Phase 3 products include: Super-Flora, Papaya,
Coral Alfalfa, Coral-Mine, Coral Magnesium, Coral Taurine, Omega 3/60,
MSM, Spirulina Tablets
Healthy Gut
is an important component
during all 3 phases
of Healthy Gut
It is recommended
to drink a minimum of 1.5 L of water
with Coral-Mine
Why is Healthy Gut
so unique?
It does not only cleanse the intestines,
like most detox programs do,
but also ensures
its comprehensive recovery!